Invited MBA

Invited MBA programs offer a unique opportunity to bring together a cohort of promising business leaders.

For individuals associated with Teach For America (TFA), guaranteed scholarships are available. TFA alumni will receive a scholarship of $1000 for the 12-Week MBA program and a scholarship of $250 for the 3-Week programs. This results in a reduced tuition fee of $850 for the 12-Week MBA and $500 for the 3-Week programs for TFA alumni.

The Invited MBA program helps you gain the fundamentals of business, people management, strategy, and finance without putting your life on hold. The main objectives of the program are:

1. Participants engage in a comprehensive curriculum aimed at developing proficiency in the fundamental language of the business world. This includes interpreting financial data, making informed business decisions, and understanding the intricacies of financial statements.

2. The programs emphasize the establishment of meaningful connections among peers and mentors. Through collaborative learning and interaction, participants are able to build a robust professional network that extends beyond the duration of the program.

3. The Invited MBA programs are designed to instill a sense of confidence that propels participants towards their next career steps. By equipping them with essential business and people management skills, these programs facilitate career growth and progression.

Structured in a cohort-based format, all sessions are fully remote and synchronous. The flexible schedule is thoughtfully designed to accommodate participants’ existing commitments without disrupting their ongoing professional responsibilities. The learning experience is enriched by the diversity and accomplishments of fellow participants, fostering a dynamic environment for knowledge exchange. Small study groups facilitate interactive learning and provide an environment for real-world application through business and leadership simulations. The programs provide a safe space for participants to apply concepts and strategies, honing their decision-making abilities without the fear of real-world consequences. Furthermore, these programs help participants adapt their leadership styles to effectively cultivate business relationships. The curriculum also guides them in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives within their respective organizations.

Invited MBA offers three distinct programs catering to varying needs:
1.12-Week MBA
2. Becoming an Effective Manager [3-Week]
3. Developing Business Acumen [3-Week]

The Invited MBA programs stand as a unique opportunity for aspiring people managers and business leaders to acquire essential skills, build a powerful professional network, and gain the confidence needed to excel in their careers.

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