My Blooming Mind LLC

TFA EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT: The 7 Levels of Leadership is a 4-week online program to expand self-awareness in order to achieve greater outcomes with leading yourself and others. Through the Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment, learning activities, and introspective exercises, you will gain a broader understanding of seven levels of leadership that illustrate how much energy you have available to perform your daily responsibilities and create your ideal version of yourself. As you explore your own personality, habits, tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses, you will become more aware of your personal style of leadership, which will support you to make constructive decisions in every area of your life. You will return to work more knowledgeable, confident, and aware of the choices you have to evolve your leadership.

Strengthening leadership can enhance TFA Alumni’s ability to maximize their potential for success as they work to create opportunities for students and families in any sector. According to TalentSmart, 58% of a leader’s performance is based on emotional intelligence (EQ) and “90% of top performers are high in EQ”. This powerful program is designed to help both existing and aspiring leaders strengthen their awareness of how their thoughts and emotions drive their actions to enhance and undermine their leadership effectiveness.

TFA Alumni are invited to enroll in this 4-week online program and take advantage of a $50 discount using code “TFA” at checkout. Participants who complete the program will receive a discounted offer to enroll in private coaching with Life & Leadership Coach Waneka Jackson (2013 Metro Atlanta Alum).

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