Internal Light LLC

TFA EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT: Check out TFA alum Sophia Koehler-Derrick’s (NY ’14) educational consulting company’s service of Mental Health & Wellness Workshops and Instructional Coaching for School Communities. They provide the following services for school communities:

1. Teacher Professional Development: Provide your teachers and school leaders with research-backed social emotional tools to bolster their personal wellbeing, help them connect authentically with colleagues, and build positive relationships with their students.

2.Instructional Coaching: Give your teachers the 1:1 support they need to reignite their passion in the classroom and effectively address burnout while increasing educational efficacy.

3. Student Workshops: We provide impactful social-emotional learning workshops to students. Help your students connect to one another and provide them with a SEL session that will boost their wellbeing.

While many school leaders are experiencing the challenging results of burnout within their schools evidenced by teacher-turnover, low-engagement, and understaffing; these challenges are especially present in under-resourced communities. In their TFA position as a 5th year teacher– they were already among the group of teachers with the longest time in the classroom. This was because burnout was especially real for the high-stress environment where they taught.

“I experienced first hand the impact research-based social-emotional tools had on my wellbeing as a teacher and the wellbeing of my students within my classroom. All students learn best in psychological safe classrooms. All teachers teach best when they prioritize their personal AND professional wellbeing and are taught skills to target areas of their workplace stress. My company Internal Light offers school leaders real-time support to address the underlying social-emotional issues that are causing burnout. Our product is mission aligned because we know first hand that the students that need to be given the social-emotional tools to thrive are the same students experiencing other educational inequities.”

We are offering 15% off of all services to any TFA Alumni and have special curriculum to target the mental health stressors that become more present in the weeks leading up to State Tests.

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