Nilaja McBeth/Teadr Services

I am a TFA Alum (DC ‘17) still working at my placement school. I taught for four years and transitioned to administration after my 4th year in the classroom. I am currently in my second year in administration now serving as the Assistant Principal for my school and loving it! As an alum, I know first hand the leadership TFA strives to cultivate in their corps members, and would like to share something I think would be valuable for the organization and, most importantly, the future teachers of America.

In 2020, I started a business called TeadR services geared towards helping teacher-leaders throughout their leadership journey–from applying to grade level lead to actually leading a team. As part of that business, I’ve created an e-course geared towards teacher-leaders and teachers who want to transition to administration. Our students need strong leaders just as much as they need strong teachers in the classroom. As an alum, I would like to offer TFA a discounted rate for my full course on teacher-leadership/transitioning to admin. This would be ideal for 2nd years looking to be grade level lead or 1st years who already have the goal in mind to stay in education long term and eventually transition to admin. I would like to offer 15% off the course using the code “TFA1”.

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