How to Design a Career You Love

About the Event: This event was presented on October 18, 2023 by Steph Szuch who leads the Career Design Fellowship at Mission Collaborative. In this session, participants explored ways to make a unique impact on educational equity through a four-step career planning process that included reflecting on what you’re good at, defining your career criteria, and testing paths for the best fit.

About the Presenter: Mission Collaborative is TFA’s partner for the Career Design Fellowship and has been operating this program since spring 2022. The upcoming spring 2024 cohort will be the third cohort for the Career Design Fellowship. Whether a participant is in their early, mid, or late-career, the Fellowship provides the structure and accountability one needs to make the breakthrough progress one may be struggling on their own, while fitting into a busy schedule. 

About the Career Acceleration Virtual Event Series: Hosted by the Teach For America Career Center and select partners and contributors, the Career Acceleration Virtual Events Series is offered to our entire network to engage in career accelerating topics to help inspire and support mindsets, knowledge and skills that advance one’s own career. The event series occurs every fall and spring (with our next series occurring 2/26- 3/26). We are always looking for a range of diverse speakers and topics to engage our alumni and corps member network. If you are interested in becoming a Career Acceleration virtual speaker or presenter, click here to learn more.