Building Inclusive Learning Environments: Collaborative Strategies for Educators and Stakeholders (The Summer Principals Academy (SPA) at Teachers College, Columbia University)

About the Event: This Event was presented on Thursday, October 26, 2023 by The Summer Principals Academy (SPA) at Teachers College, Columbia University. In this Education Workspace participants explored (1) What diversity is and what it looks like at the schools of the participants (2) What assumptions participants had made based on the cultural backgrounds of their students, staff, colleagues, and community members. The end goal was to help participants generate solutions that addressed any misconceptions made and helped to build more safe environments in schools that are inclusive of all backgrounds. Additionally, this workspace fostered a network of connections to support their endeavors. The exchange of ideas across diverse settings also served to catalyze the generation of innovative concepts and strategies. Below are several resources and opportunities related to the presentation.

About the Presenter – Summer Principals Academy (SPA): The Summer Principals Academy is a transformative graduate program committed to developing school leaders and promoting equity and excellence in education through an enriching, hands-on curriculum and administrative internships. Our rich, adaptive cohort learning environment allows you to earn your M.A. or Ed.M. over two consecutive five-week summer sessions while continuing to work in your current position. We have two locations, one in New York and the other in New Orleans! 

In addition to our exclusive graduate program, SPA has ongoing professional development opportunities, mini lecture series, and workshops based on the coursework of our program. Topics include decision making for schools, fostering adult learning, developing your person statement and educational philosophy, leading meaningful meetings, grant writing, and much more! These not only provide insight to what classes are like but also help to further develop educators and leaders in the field. Additionally, SPA also sponsors conferences and education workspaces, like this one, to address an array of issues that are currently challenging the education system. For more information, please check out the events page.

If you have any questions or if you know of any potential candidates who would be a great fit for The Summer Principals Academy, we invite you to reach out to Dr. Colette Young, Assistant Director of the Summer Principals Academy: | 212-870-8605

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