As we look ahead to the 2024-25 school year, our commitment to building a streamlined talent plan is crucial to a school’s success. This strategy is not just a plan; it’s a promise to nurture, inspire, and empower our workforce.

Join us as we combine high-leverage strategies such as high-flyer retention, community-based pipelines, strategic recruitment, and early commitment conversations to craft a 2024-25 strategic talent plan that will have you feeling excited, not overwhelmed!

This 2-hour virtual school operations training will be led by Jessica Lamb, who has held a diverse range of roles as a teacher, instructional coach, Spanish translator, and talent acquisition director. A Sue Lehman Semi-Finalist and Teacher of the Year Finalist, Jessica’s career and talent services have impacted thousands of students nationwide. Her talent portfolio has seen a 78.5% staff retention rate, a 25% increase in early commitments from high performing staff, and over 80% retention rate for teachers of color.

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