2024 TFA Texas Talent Drive

The TFA Texas Talent Drive is a personalized talent-matching initiative where TFA staff carefully matches alumni & second-year corps member candidates with critical classroom, mid-level leader (assistant principals, deans, etc), school leader, and district level leadership opportunities with some of our biggest partner schools and networks across Texas. Sign-ups are now open on a rolling basis, with matches and introductions ongoing until May 31. Open to all TFA alumni & second year corps members seeking campus and district-level roles across Texas.

How It Works:
1.Sign Up: Fill out the Job Seeker Intake Form, where you’ll specify your role preferences, interests, and upload your resume.
2.Get Matched: TFA staff will carefully match your profile with open roles that align with your experience and aspirations.
3.Connect with Employers: When there’s a match, TFA staff will facilitate introductions to potential employers, to arrange an interview or further discussions.
4.Keep us posted: Tell us when you’re hired!

To learn more about the 2024 TFA Texas Talent Drive, including the process and FAQs, please visit the Job Seeker Overview: https://bit.ly/TFAJobSeekers

More Information

For more information, contact:

Rodrigo Musuruana
Managing Director Talent & Leadership
Teach For America - Texas

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