Alumni Resource, Service & Product Submission Form

Individuals interested in sharing a service, product or resource with our alumni network should complete this form. Our team will review your submission and, if approved, follow up with with next steps.

Not sure if this applies to you? Here are some general guidelines! Complete this form if you:

  • Are interested in offering a discount to TFA alumni on a product or service (organization or individual).
  • Have a product, resource or service to share with the alumni network that is aligned with TFA Core Values.
  • Want to suggest a resource (yours or a third party resource) that is mission-aligned to TFA and may be relevant to our alumni network.

When evaluating resources, services, or product submissions, our team looks for:

  • Unique benefit to TFA alumni:
    • Discounts on services/resources that are highly relevant to our network based on mission alignment and/or educational equity (examples: Discounts on career coaching services for educators, resources to help BIPOC candidates prepare for interviews).
    • Professional/skill development resource for an existing career community (example: Webinar for aspiring principals, skill development course, etc.).
  • Highly relevant/timely information:
    • Information that is directly relevant to a community page on the Alumni Hub (examples: Interstate teaching certification reciprocity, PSLF, equitable classroom practices, etc.).

What types of resources are not accepted for the Alumni Hub?

  • Sales/Advertising/Spam:
    • Organization/company profiles intended primarily to sell a product, service or resource to the alumni network with no available discount for TFA alumni users (example: Educational technology products, executive coaching, etc.).
    • Requests to mass email/message the alumni network.

Do not complete this form if: