AI Fellowship for Educators

Location: United States Experience Type: External Program

Uncharted AI is excited to offer our AI Fellowship for Educators to the Teach For America (TFA) alumni network. This unique program is designed to empower current educators with the knowledge and skills needed to ethically implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their classrooms and schools, ultimately improving learning outcomes for students.

The AI Fellowship for Educators is mission-aligned with TFA’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for all students to achieve academic success. By equipping TFA alumni with the tools and knowledge to integrate AI ethically and effectively, we can help close the educational achievement gap and create a more equitable learning environment for all.

Our fellowship program includes:
Comprehensive training on AI risks, benefits, and ethical considerations.
Collaboration opportunities with fellow educators on creative uses of AI in schools.
Early access to AI tools and platforms for testing and implementation.

We believe that the AI Fellowship for Educators is of unique interest to TFA alumni for several reasons:
Shared values: Both Uncharted AI and TFA are dedicated to transforming education and promoting equal opportunities for all students.
Cutting-edge knowledge: Our program provides TFA alumni with the most current information and best practices in AI implementation, preparing them for the future of education.
Network expansion: The fellowship offers opportunities to connect with like-minded educators, fostering a strong community that supports continuous learning and growth.
In summary, Uncharted AI’s AI Fellowship for Educators aligns with Teach For America’s mission by providing TFA alumni with the necessary resources and training to ethically implement AI in education. We are confident that our program will be of unique interest to TFA alumni as it helps advance their professional development and enhances their ability to create positive change in the classroom.

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Adeel Khan (Metro Atlanta '10)
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