Rounds are a powerful tool that have been an accepted practice regularly incorporated in the medical field and underutilized in other professions. Instructional rounds focus on the instructional core which includes three interdependent components: teachers’ knowledge and skill, students’ engagement in their own learning, and academically challenging content. Instructional rounds offer an exciting opportunity to conduct non-evaluative observations in a breadth of classrooms across a school or district. Through instructional rounds, equity-driven school improvement is continuous and cyclical. Join us in learning how all school community partners (teachers, administrators, support staff, students and families) can collaboratively identify instructional patterns, make predictions, and collaboratively commit to next steps for improving teaching and learning.

Participant Outcomes:
1. Explore the purpose and power of instructional rounds.
2. Practice the calibration of specific, non-evaluative observation feedback.
3. Introduce and share tools for implementation of instructional rounds in schools and districts.

Teachers, support staff, school administrators, central office administrators, family members, and students.

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