School environments set the tone for every person who walks through your front doors – scholars, staff, and families. Learn to make intentional choices that communicate your values and support scholar growth. Learn how to take quick daily audits of your school to ensure that your school environment is communicating what you want it to, and be fully prepared to welcome your staff and scholars each morning.

The Operations Training & Coaching Series:
Jill Dunchick Consulting has teamed up with Jessica Lamb and Katherine Myers-Crum to put together a comprehensive operations training series launching this spring.

Throughout our combined years of experience as leaders and coaches, we’ve noticed that high-quality support for school operations teams has been nearly impossible to find. Our team took a year to interview and coach ops leaders across the industry, spanning organizations from single-site schools to networks in multiple states.

The result? Our new, comprehensive Operations Training and Coaching series aimed at building the hard and soft skills ops leaders need. We are confident the workshops in our series will provide the skills that operations leaders need to ensure their schools have the resources, systems, and human beings needed to fulfill their respective missions.

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