Masterclass | Level Up your Org Culture: How to Do an Effective Reset

If I ask you,

“Is your leadership team helping or hurting your work as a leader? ”

what’s your response?

If you thought anything other than,

“My team is a functional, harmonious group crushing their goals regularly!”

…you could benefit from a reset! In this Masterclass, I will teach you to reset your team effectively and efficiently at any time of year.

Leaders will…
✓ Reflect on the challenges of their leadership team.
✓ Apply a roadmap on how to reset their leadership team.
✓ Learn about how to leverage expertise in solving their pressing adult problems getting in the way of achieving the mission.

This masterclass will be offered once in November and once in December. Be sure to register for the one that works for you! (Nov. 9 @ 12:00 PM CST) (Dec. 13 @ 1:00 PM CST)

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Beth Napleton
Leadership Specialist
Beth Napleton Consulting

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