YES Prep Public Schools


Since 1998, YES Prep Public Schools has redefined what is possible in public education. With over 17,000 college-bound students across 20+ campuses, we are a system of high-performing public charter schools proving that students from underserved communities can achieve at the highest academic levels. Our exceptional results demonstrate that better outcomes are not only possible, but also probable, when school systems build a culture of high expectations, and create effective support systems to ensure that student achievement is at the forefront of every decision made.


YES Prep Public Schools empowers all Houston students to succeed in college and to pursue lives of opportunity.


  • Grow Authentic Leadership
  • Eliminate Educational Inequity to Advance Social Justice
  • Achieve Jaw-Dropping Results
  • Build Transformative Relationships
  • Create Pathways to Opportunity

Our focus at YES Prep is to prepare thousands of underserved students in Houston to be college ready, thereby transforming the city’s educational landscape. As such, all YES Prep students are expected to embody and demonstrate the YES Prep core values through their actions, their work, and their relationships.

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