Achievement First

Achievement First exists to address the legacy of systemic racism in education and believes that all of America’s children—regardless of race, zip code, or economic status—deserve access to great schools.  Our mission is to prepare our students to deepen their knowledge of self and community, to excel at college, career, and life, and to lead lives of purpose and leadership.

Be a Teacher. Be a Leader. Be You.

We’re looking for teachers and leaders who are “team” at their core. People who have incredibly high standards and will do whatever it takes to work with amazing students in some of the best schools around, and to stop at nothing to help them achieve greatness.

We are a growing network of 41 non-profit, high-performing K-12 public charter schools in Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island. But we’re more than that. We’re changemakers.

In order to make long-lasting and transformative change, we believe in focusing on what we know to work: serving all students, growing in our communities, sharing and learning from others, and committing to innovation. It makes us who we are.

Achievement First operates in, Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven, Connecticut; Brooklyn and Queens, New York; and Providence, Rhode Island. Visit the Careers page to search by location