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On average 25% of menstruating students miss class due to lack of access to sanitary products, washing facilities, and waste management making period poverty a barrier to equitable access to education. This barrier to education equity is crippling to our students’ physical and mental health, and overall academic success. With the hope reaching as many as we can, The Collective is teaming up with PERIOD. and dedicating our 2023 Collective Action Project to educating others on the issue of period poverty and taking concrete action to help breakdown this barrier to equitable access to education. Our first stop is Jackson, Mississippi but we need your help to get needed products to our students.

As Mississippi currently does not require period products in schools, we are calling on education advocates to purchase at least one product to ensure that menstruating students don’t miss anymore school due to lack of access to products. Click here to donate products! Your donation will be shared directly with schools in Jackson, MS, providing school nurses with the products they need to support their students.  #EndPeriodPoverty #TheCollectiveActs

Find out more information about the project and how you can get involved here:

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By Alumni Impact Team
Alumni Impact Team